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Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.

Pablo Picasso.

Something about this site

Wellcome! My name is Vincenzo and I'm 38 years hold (this information is up to date since it will be automatically calculated) and I made this site mainly for publish my CV and share with others my education and profetional experiences as effectively as possible. This page contain some general information in CV section I collect all my profetional information and skills while in Education section you may find all information about my trainings. If you need my contacts and my CV in PDF format, please fill up the fields in Contacts section.

Something technical I made this site by mixing 2 open source web template I got from here and here under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. Actually these templates were completely rewrote in ASP, all contents were inserted into a RDBMS MySql which is read parametrically in order to show all the different pages. The language is selected according with your browser if in italian; english otherwise. Anyway you can switch between them by click on a little flag in top right corner or simply here.

Something about me

I like, occasionally, write web applications, but to be honest as you can see from my profile, it is no my main job. I'm not alone in my family to publish something on the web, nor this is my first web site. My wife's blog Zucchero & Farina is followed from many fans, as long as our first site (developed in ASP without any Web Template) regards our passion, travelling around the world I viaggi di Julia e Vincenzo.